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c e l l i p h o n i a


c e l l i p h o n i a

by daniele corsi / sofia gubaidulina / isang yun / calin ioachimescu / federico placidi

Music is my main means of expression and deepest form of communication. As a cellist I perform a wide range of solo and chamber music repertoire for my instrument, but I also always had the need to discover other possibilities of cello sound, feeling that its potential is limitless. This brought me to collaborate with contemporary composers, work with live electronic and inspired me to compose my own pieces for cello.

Through interests other than music itself, like painting, philosophy, psychology, physics etc. I feel like an explorer whose task is to find hidden links and patterns between things that seem unrelated but add up to something recognizable.

Solo cello performance represents the most interesting aspect of my personal fascination with sound. Its challenges differ from those of chamber music performance, among other things in the freedom of expression, but mostly in the way that every micro-sound and nuance is a part of expression and as such perceived by the audience.