Ana Topalovic is establishing herself as a cellist without frontiers. Her repertory ranges from solo pieces and chamber music to New Music and crossover with electronic sounds. Inspired by the diversity of her instrument she continues to develop as a composer of original works, exploring undiscovered musical interfaces, alternative ways of thinking and new art forms. These new ideas are embodied in her own festival Treff • Kunst in Vienna.






“Music is my main means of expression and deepest form of communication. As a cellist I perform a wide range of solo and chamber music repertoire for my instrument, but I also always had the need to discover other possibilities of cello sound, feeling that its potential is limitless. This brought me to collaborate with contemporary composers, work with live electronic and inspired me to compose my own pieces for cello.

Through interests other than music itself, like painting, philosophy, psychology, physics etc. I feel like an explorer whose task is to find hidden links and patterns between things that seem unrelated but add up to something recognizable.

Solo cello performance represents the most interesting aspect of my personal fascination with sound. Its challenges differ from those of chamber music performance, among other things in the freedom of expression, but mostly in the way that every microsound and nuance is a part of expression and as such perceived by the audience.”
-Ana Topalovic




It is rare that a musical coming-together begins as promisingly as it did for Ana Topalovic and Nikola Djoric. The cello and accordion, strings and buttons, seem to be made for each other, as if each had been yearning for the other.

Ana, who had long been nursing the idea of a cello-accordion project, and Nikola, who proved to be the perfect partner for this venture, recognised at once their creative potential as a duo.

They wanted to coax an undiscovered combined sound out of their instruments, and with this in mind they produced new arrangements of well-known pieces, which are of particular importance to both of their musical careers.



Green Thing Ensemble

GTE is a chamber music group who specializes in performing and recording new music by living composers, and in bringing to light rarely heard 20th century classics.

With flexible formations ranging from solo to large chamber ensembles, GTE functions as performer and presenter. GTE seeks to redefine the concert experience by connecting new works with new listeners.

Aside from regularly commissioning new music, GTE provides professional development support for composers and performers, as well as organizes outreach and learning activities for students of all ages.

Within its varied and imaginative programs, the ensemble explores music from around the world while keeping in touch with the works of composers from their Viennese home.




Interdisciplinary projects with Rosalie Wanka (dancer, choreographer, artistic director).

DAN_CE_ELLO is a concertante performance with music and dance. Through both choreographed and improvised dance on the contemporary music for cello solo and cello&electronic this duo expresses the movement of sound with special esthetics and language. Visualizing music and its story in time and space, inspiring communication and exploring the art of surprise are just a couple of their motivational triggers.

Premiered in Berio Hall, Wiener Konzerthaus.



CelloStudio & VIOMUS

I am also extremely enthusiastic about teaching students through my master classes as well as private lessons in my cello studio in Vienna. I have taught master classes in Vienna (e. g. Razumovsky Musik Akademie), Italy, Germany, USA, China…

In 2015 I started the VIOMUS (Vienna Online Music School) where I teach students from all over the world through Skype or WeChat.



Treff • Kunst bei Ana Topalovic

Wien steht für kulturelle Vielfalt und ein breit gefächertes Verständnis für die Künste. Die Stadt ist auch Heimat für zahlreiche Menschen mit serbischen Wurzeln, darunter zahlreiche etablierte Künstler und viele Kunstinteressierte, die das kulturelle Leben der Stadt mitgestalten.

Ana Topalovic, selbst in Belgrad geboren und in Wien lebend, setzt mit der Gründung des Festivals ein deutliches Zeichen. Sie will den kreativen Austausch zwischen Künstlern mit unterschiedlichen kulturellen Wurzeln fördern, sie zur Weiterentwicklung und zu gemeinsamen Ideen animieren. Das Publikum ist eingeladen, an diesem grenzenlosen, künstlerischen Dialog über drei Tage teilzunehmen. Treff • Kunst vereint klassische und zeitgenössische Musik, Tanz, bildende Kunst und Literatur.





Duo ARCORD | Orlando Records 2016

Inspired by Songs & Dances

Duo ARCORD | Orlando Records 2016
Ana Topalovic | Synesthesia Recordings 2015


Ana Topalovic | Synesthesia Recordings 2015
Ana Topalovic, Mihaela Ursuleasa, Pierre Doueihi | 2014


Ana Topalovic, Mihaela Ursuleasa, Pierre Doueihi | 2014
Ana Topalovic, Edua Zadory | Synesthesia Recordings 2013

Sonic Screens

Ana Topalovic, Edua Zadory | Synesthesia Recordings 2013


Videos featuring Ana



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